Gus Kramer, Contra Costa County Assessor

I serve the voters of Contra Costa as the County Assessor, and have been elected  again and again because I represent the People well. Greedy political opponents and corporate opportunists repeatedly attack me to take me down to put their own interests ahead those of the People.

The baseless attacks have all failed, and I have been exonerated by independent investigations, and the East Bay Times publicly retracted their repeated lies. 

 – – –


I welcome the opportunity to confront  my accusers with the facts discovered by not one, not two, but THREE separate independent investigations that Exonerate me of sexual harassment or hostile work place  or retaliation by professionals hired by the county.
When the facts are made public, the East Bay Times , the County Board of Supervisors, and their appointees on the county grand jury will be dutifully ashamed of themselves and their unwarranted and political persecution of the county assessor.

 – – –

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Contra Costa is a geographically rich and diverse county in the heart of the Bay Area. It ranges from the urban and industrial West County, out to rural farmland in the East, and dense commercial and shady suburban cities in between.  Gus Kramer is the County Assessor elected to oversee the equitable assessment of all taxable property.

Gus Kramer‘s Duties as the Contra Costa County Assessor

  • Discovering and assessing all property within the County
  • Producing and delivering an assessment roll by July 1 of each year
  • Valuing all real property
  • Auditing all entities doing business in the County and valuing all taxable personal property
  • Establishing and maintaining a set of over 11,000 maps for assessment purposes, delineating every parcel of land in the County
  • Providing a public information service to assist taxpayers with questions about property ownership and assessment

Gus Kramer’s Career of Public Service

Gus Kramer was elected to the Office of Assessor of Contra Costa County in 1994. Kramer has served the taxpayers of Contra Costa County for more than twenty years as the County Assessor. He grew up in Bay Point, California and is a graduate of the San Francisco College of Mortuary Science and the University of San Francisco.

His public career in Contra Costa County began in 1974. Kramer started his tenure with the County at the Contra Costa County Sheriff Coroner’s Office, later moving to the Contra Costa County Probation department, and finally to the Contra Costa County Public Works Department until 1994 when Gus Kramer was elected to the position of County Assessor. In addition to his service to Contra Costa County and its residents, Kramer was also elected to the position of Martinez City Clerk in 1986.

As our elected Contra Costa County Assessor, Kramer has overseen remarkable improvements to streamline the assessor office operations, eliminating backlogs, and achieving higher levels of public service, all while operating well under budget.

His performance has been recognized at the State level and beyond. The State Board of Equalization acknowledged his office as one of the best managed county assessors’ operations in California. The Times did a story featuring Gus and his work as assessor in 2009.

Gus Kramer is a member of the California Assessors’ Association and the International Right of Way Association and has more than 30 years as a licensed real estate salesperson.